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Take a deep breath — PLL probably won’t cut you off cold turkey at Season 7

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell confirmed exclusively to SheKnows that the future of Pretty Little Liars is still very much up in the air.

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Though rumors have been swirling that Season 7, coming this summer, will be the final season for the series, Mitchell said there is a very good chance that may not be the case.

“You never know,” she teased. “That’s the thing, it’s like you never know what could happen. I mean, this could be the last season, they could go on and do a spin-off show, you never know.”

The show has not confirmed yet for sure that there will not be a Season 8.

Aside from a Season 8 possibility, Mitchell said she would be totally up for continuing the show in other ways — namely a movie or two.

Sex and the City, I mean, both of those movies I was so excited for. I was such a big fan of the TV show and then when they came out with both of the movies, I was so excited. So I would love to wrap [Pretty Little Liars] up with a movie. I think that would be great.”

She even suggested that the storyline could mix things up and “take a field trip” somewhere with the liars. Hmm, the liars getting out of Rosewood could definitely be an interesting twist!

As for Season 7, Mitchell has only filmed two episodes so far, so she doesn’t know a ton of details on what the future holds for Emily but she, like the rest of us, is hoping things calm down for her character in the new season.

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“She didn’t have that great of a love life in last season,” Mitchell said. “I really feel like this season could be the one.”

Meanwhile, Mitchell is already segueing into film without PLL. She is currently busy promoting her biggest movie to date, Mother’s Day, starring alongside Hollywood heavyweight ladies like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.

Friends was one of my favorite TV shows,” Mitchell said of getting starstruck over Aniston, who she has most of her scenes with throughout the film. “Getting to work opposite her and not having to see her on a TV screen was very surreal.”

Despite her busy schedule and her recent surreal experiences, Mitchell manages to keep herself sane. Mostly, she explained, because she’s so passionate about what she does.

“I just say that when you’re passionate about things, you make it work, and I love what I do. So this truly isn’t work for me. ‘Sleep when I’m dead,’ that’s kind of my motto.”

She added that young girls who are looking to follow in her place when it comes to social media shouldn’t look for fame, because looking for fame will lead to a short-lived career.

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“I think to be successful at social media, you need to just be you. People like unique people and things that are different, and I think if you post things that make you happy then other people will follow. I wouldn’t try to be anything you’re not on social media.”

Mother’s Day hits theaters April 29. Will you see the film?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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