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Brandi Glanville sent a message to LeAnn Rimes & it was actually nice

Brandi Glanville is turning over quite a new leaf. She’s off The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, done with the insincere drama of the Housewives series, and headed to E!’s Famously Single. But the most public way she’s moving on is by reaching out to LeAnn Rimes, her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian’s current wife.

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After years of public feuding and reminders of their cheating scandal, mostly on Glanville’s part, it seems like Glanville is kicking off an era of good will. She tweeted at Rimes: “Happy anniversary Happy 2watch my boys 4 mybaby daddy so that y’all can celebrate! Get a tan for me #feeling pasty(mean it).”

Rimes had to respond and she wrote a perfectly friendly message in return. Their messaging is cheerful and focused on the children, “Thank you! Happy that we always pick up where the other leaves off. Xoxo.”

The two may not be headed to get manicures together anytime soon, but this is certainly healthier than snide comments in interviews.

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Rimes and Cibrian are celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary in Cabo with friends. If Rimes’ many Instagram photos of the festivities are to be believed, the couple is having the time of their lives and is still as happily in love as the moment he first saw her on their wedding day. Cheers to the happy couple and the ex-wife who doesn’t hate them anymore!

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