Sia’s performance may have been a bit depressing for Coachella – but it had a powerful meaning

The Desert Sun‘s review of Sia’s Coachella performance makes it sound less than fun.

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But even though Sia’s show may have been just a little heavy for Coachella, it had a very important meaning. On stage at the second weekend of the music and arts festival held in Coachella Valley, California, Sia used her music — and a group of actors and dancers — to create an art piece that explored addiction, depression and the dark side of fame.

According to the reviewer, Sia stood to the side of the stage in a wig that covered most of her face, while a team of actors and dancers, including Kristen Wiig, Tig Notaro, Paul Dano and her muse, Maddie Ziegler, “used twitchy movements and shaky interactions with one another to represent the internal struggles of addiction and depression, with Wiig breaking out in tears before screaming silently under the music.”

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Notaro reportedly wore a suit and gloves that were plated in mirrors during a performance of Rihanna’s “Diamond,” which was written by Sia, and “[jerked] painfully to shower the stage in spots of light.”

And Sia’s hit, “Elastic Heart,” featured a performance by Ziegler that mirrored the song’s powerful music video, showing Ziegler and another dancer battling anger toward one another while simultaneously trying to seek comfort from one another.

Sia has long been outspoken about her struggles with depression and addiction, and despite her talent and popularity, she fights to stay out of the spotlight. Apparently, it had an effect on the crowd, which was reportedly “silent and swaying” during her closing rendition of “Chandelier.”

“Like many other sets, the show was high-energy, but the energy which it left behind was largely funneled into further digesting the depths of meaning they just witnessed,” the reviewer wrote.

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