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Quantico: I’d rather see Parrish team up with Shelby than any of her crushes

I know sex sells, but the romantic story lines on Quantico have been getting crazy! If FBI trainees (NATs) spent this much time hooking up with one another in the real world, we’d all be so screwed. So it’s nice to see a little honest-to-goodness teamwork happening on the show for a change.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

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When you look at how much time the show’s protagonist, Alex Parrish, spends chasing a guy, flirting with a guy, or trying to help a guy out of some weird personal issue, it’s mind-boggling that her mentor, Miranda Shaw, thinks she’s the future of the FBI.

In fact, since the mid-season return, all we’ve seen Parrish do is make bad decision after bad decision, many of them having to do with her fellow Quantico hotties. Meanwhile, in the present timeline, a terrorist has her skulking around FBI headquarters like she’s a puppet on a string.

Maybe the show’s writers realized their “strong female lead” was acting anything but, since tonight they sent her newest boy toy, Agent Perales, away with a mysterious hand tremor. Which leaves just Liam and Ryan for her to moon over…

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Except that Shelby Wyatt is back in the picture — and back on Parrish’s team. And all I have to say is that it’s so nice to see some genuine girl power revving back up on the show.

Of course, this makes it look like Shelby is in the clear — even after she showed up driving the terrorists’ car a few weeks ago. The fact that she is able to hack the FBI’s computer system in order to locate the terrorist when he/she calls is a pretty smooth move, and one that leads the women to a church where Will collapses after admitting to helping build a nuclear weapon.

A what?

Yes, a nuclear weapon. This show is not holding back!

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So, maybe Parrish has some serious daddy issues that lead her to engage in spontaneous and ill-advised flings with tragic men… but at least it’s starting to feel like she’s going to get back down to business in a less passive way. And thank goodness — with only three episodes left, she’s got a lot of ground to cover and I’m kind of over her tripping over handsome men while she does it!

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