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Kim and Kanye are perfectly outrageous wedding guests

Weddings can be so ridiculously stressful. You wind up fixating on every minute detail, from the color of everyone’s bouquets to the fact that your uptight friends are demanding vegan plates they never ordered. Which is why it’s great to have a few friends around to keep things loose and fun (or at least that’s what I tell myself at my friends’ weddings as I station myself at the champagne table!). And as some photos and videos of Dave Grutman and Isabela Rangel’s Miami wedding show, Kim and Kanye prove to be those wildcard friends who’ll guarantee you a good wedding story.

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Because let’s be honest — nobody’s going to remember what color pairings you planned for your formal table settings. The best part about weddings is the gossip that comes the next morning: Who was hooking up with what groomsman where? Who dared to wear what dress? And what in the world was that absurd speech about?

Kardashian West posted a series of steamy black and white closeup photos of herself and Kanye and the other wedding guests from the evening of her friends’ ceremony. There are moments of herself and others licking things, whether those things are ice cream cones or one another.
But it’s the photos of Kim’s outfit that I enjoy the most. As someone who always manages to somehow wear the wrong thing to weddings (you know, like the time I forgot to pack my shoes and wound up looking ridiculous in flip-flops, or that time as a teenager I got weird looks the whole night for wearing a white dress — who knew you weren’t supposed to match the bride?), I’m really into the fact that Kim seems to just wear whatever she feels like. Everyone’s heard that old etiquette rule that you’re not supposed to dress too sexy at weddings, but she rocks some serious cleavage and is basically wearing black lingerie.

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Though perhaps the most talked about moment of the night is when Kanye steals the mic during a wedding toast, saying “Imma let you finish” — poking fun of himself and the time he famously interrupted Taylor Swift.

So let’s hear it for the hot messes that make every wedding more fun, because it’s all any of us will remember.

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