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Snapchat could end up saving all your favorite canceled shows

Snapchat has already taken over your Instagram feed, your selfies and your conversations with friends who can’t put down their phones. Now it’s trying to take over television. Network executives know that viewers are breaking away from traditional TV (raise your hand if you have cable), and they’re hoping to catch younger viewers on their phones with totally Snapchat-based series. Launching in June is one we’d actually watch: MTV Cribs.

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Vanity Fair reports that MTV plans to air the series on Snapchat just like it would on television: once weekly, with a celebrity guest taking the viewer on a tour of his or her home. We couldn’t be more excited for the youngsters who will get to experience the beauty that is seeing what is in a celebrity’s refrigerator for the first time. Remember when Mariah Carey showed us her shoe room and then “took a bath” on camera?

Teens will have to contend with guests like Mac Miller, Austin Mahone and Travis Mills, who have been booked so far. It’s better than nothing.

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In the spirit of brainstorming, I’d like to suggest that MTV also revive Next and Room Raiders on Snapchat. And how about a Snapchat version of TRL? There’s pretty much no limit to what I’ll watch from my phone in bed, so I say bring it on.

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