Fuller House spoilers: I’m so over Matt and Steve fighting over D.J.

D.J. Tanner didn’t end up going steady with Matt or Steve on Fuller House, but, unfortunately, it seems like their love triangle story is far from over.

After several group and one-on-one dates — in the grand tradition of The Bachelor — the Season 1 finale saw D.J. choosing herself over settling down with Matt or Steve. Both men left dejected and vowed to not give up on winning over D.J.’s heart.

Now, TVLine reports that Matt and Steve will be involved with other women in Season 2 — but that doesn’t mean they are over D.J.

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According to TVLine’s source, Steve’s new girlfriend will be an exact replica of D.J., “from the way they look to the way they speak to the way they act.” Unsurprisingly, Steve’s new flame will cause a lot of friction between him and D.J., who is more than annoyed with her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. Being that the new girlfriend’s name is C.J., I can’t say I really blame her.

Matt will be hooking up with a super hot, much younger yoga instructor who has a penchant for walking on her hands — and will likely parade her around in front of D.J. at work to make her jealous.

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So, to recap, both men are dating other women, but only seem to be doing so to either quiet their yearning for D.J., or to try to make her jealous.

Can we just stop the tug-of-war for D.J. between Matt and Steve, already? Don’t get me wrong, I’m always down for a cheesy love-triangle plot, but I can’t handle what the storyline is doing to Steve. It’s making me cringe every time he appears on screen, and I really, really don’t want to hate him.

While it’s mildly annoying that Matt is using another woman to incite envy, Steve — the guy who I remember as adorkable before it was even a thing — is coming off as desperate, smarmy and, well, more than a little insane. But not lovable insane — just weird insane — and the fact that he’s picked up a new woman who has gone all Single White Female on D.J. is kind of disturbing.

I’m not sure if I can handle Steve’s downward spiral for another season.

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What do you think of what Fuller House has done to Steve?