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Was Doug Hutchinson just the voice of reason on Mother/Daughter Experiment?

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The relationship between Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson is one of the great mysteries of our time. If you managed to avoid knowing about them until now, congratulations — and also, sorry, because I’m about to destroy your innocence. Stodden was 16 when she met and married Hutchinson, then 51. These two have been all over the reality TV circuit because they’re obviously reality TV gold, and The Mother/Daughter Experiment is the latest place they’ve landed. Courtney and her mom, Krista Keller, have some issues (not surprisingly), and they’ve been “working” on them for the last seven weeks on this show, with dismal results. Basically, Courtney feels like her mother used her to get to her husband, and there’s a lot of crying and expressing of feelings of betrayal that gets discussed in front of the rest of the cast, who take turns looking horrified.

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This week, Dr. Deb decided she’d had about enough of the back-and-forth between Courtney and Krista, so she invited Doug to come sit in on a therapy session with the two of them. Doug arrived, along with his dog Cupcake (#FreeCupcake), who had quite the number of close-ups for a very tiny animal in an outfit. While Courtney, Doug and Krista had it out in therapy, the rest of the cast hung out with Cupcake and pondered her fate: “Cupcake probably needs her own therapy. She’s seen a lot.”

Krista and Courtney resumed the same fight they’ve been having since the first episode: whether or not Krista used Courtney to get to Doug and whether or not Krista and Doug have some kind of inappropriate relationship (as opposed to the super appropriate relationship Doug has with Courtney). Doug claimed Krista was a narcissist and accused her of making up everything she said about them having an emotional affair. Courtney and Krista’s co-stars continued to be intrigued and horrified by the mere fact that Krista let her daughter marry Doug in the first place — which begs the question, why aren’t we talking about that in therapy, Dr. Deb?

In a moment of terrifying rationality, Doug told Courtney that they should probably go to therapy after this therapy is over and that if Courtney wants to try to work stuff out with her mom, he’ll support her, but seriously, they have to go to therapy. I hate when ridiculous people make valid points. It’s hard enough to know who to trust as it is.

It doesn’t look like Courtney and Krista are going to work anything out this season, in spite of the fact that Dr. Deb claimed they were making some progress. (Yeah, I don’t know what she was talking about, either.) Next week is the season finale, in which the mothers and daughters say emotional things to each other and allegedly come to some kind of resolution. The bad news is that Cupcake probably won’t be there.

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Do you think Krista is telling the truth about her relationship with Doug? Can she and Courtney repair their relationship? Should Doug have been on the show in the first place? Tell us in the comments!

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