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Hey, Thomas Ravenel, maybe don’t make jokes about assaulting women

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In a classic reality TV move, it all happened in the last 10 minutes. On the latest episode of Southern Charm, Thomas and sometimes cast member Jennifer Snowden got into a serious argument at Patricia’s flamingo party. Eventually, Jennifer decided to leave, but not before Thomas accused her of lying and trying to upset Kathryn, whom he apparently cared about in this episode. Before Jennifer and Thomas said anything to one another, though, he and another sometimes cast member, JD Madison, made a super tasteless and disturbing joke about Thomas incurring another assault charge — this one because he would attack Jennifer. Thomas: “It would be worth it.”

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Thomas is no stranger to charges or prison — he went to jail for six months after sharing cocaine, and at the end of Season 2, he was accused of assault by a friend of Kathryn’s. In Season 1, he kept making jokes about using cocaine. Is assault going to be the new cocaine? How totally fabulous and not at all problematic. This is the millionth time Thomas has made misogynistic comments this season, Kathryn being the target of most of them. But with this comment about Jennifer, he made it clear that if you’re a lady who doesn’t cooperate with him, you’re definitely not safe from his gross anger, which is more often than not directed at women.

This week, Thomas pretended to care about Kathryn (although he’s mainly concerned with her as a vessel for the “unformed” baby inside her), so he confronted Jennifer about upsetting her. At this point, I need a flow chart to keep track of who told who about what when and another one to discern if people are lying. And it’s only the fourth episode of the season. Craig, who was a disaster last season, seems to have everyone’s number this season, which is delightful. He proved himself worthy of being this episode’s MVP when he interviewed that the reason Thomas is so angry at Jennifer isn’t because of Kathryn, it’s because after the two had an affair years ago, she was supposed to just disappear so he didn’t have to think about it any more. But Jennifer didn’t disappear and she didn’t hide; she met Kathryn and became her friend. Whoops. Sorry, Thomas. Oh, and also, your misogyny is showing, but I think you probably know that.

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What did you think of Thomas and JD’s “joke”? Do you think Jennifer is stirring up trouble? Do you agree with Craig’s theory about Thomas? Tell us in the comments!

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