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10 amazing tributes to Prince that are worthy of royalty

The entertainment world was racked with grief this week after Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator and later pronounced dead. Speculation about a mystery illness and drug use are running rampant, but does how he died really matter — or is it even any of our business?

Prince will live on forever as a musical icon. His talent was legendary — and that’s what we should be paying tribute to.

Here are some entertainers who have publicly paid their respects.

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1. Juliette Lewis

For many of us, Prince’s music was a huge part of our childhood. Lewis proudly shared a throwback video featuring her and her brother, Lightfield Lewis, getting down to “When Doves Cry” in their backyard.

Lewis also celebrated Prince’s life and legacy by belting out her rendition of “Purple Rain” with her band at a recent concert.

2. Stephen Colbert and Jon Batiste

Before having the The Late Show studio lights dimmed to a beautiful purple, Colbert talked about his love for Prince that dates back to his high school days.

Batiste, The Late Show‘s bandleader, who had the pleasure of working with Prince, also shared his feelings about him.

“He had a huge aura,” Batiste said. “His energy and presence in a room just kind of filled everybody’s hearts.”

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