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Yes, Kendra Wilkinson can now call herself a singer thanks to her first single

Kendra Wilkinson is branching out.

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In a new clip from an upcoming episode of her reality show Kendra On Top, she’s shown letting a friend hear the first sample from a single she recorded, apparently to try her hand at making music.

In the clip, Wilkinson’s phone rings, and her friend excitedly asks if it’s her song. Wilkinson offers to let the friend hear it, but urges her several times first, “You have to be honest.”

Wilkinson’s friend smiles widely, but Wilkinson herself looks anxious and embarrassed as they listen to the upbeat techno track, on which Wilkinson can be heard singing, “Can’t keep me on a leash / I’m on a cloud / Don’t have a fucking filter / And I’m allowed / Don’t try to box me in I can’t be controlled / So leave the party to the professionals.”

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The song continues with Wilkinson singing, “If you go hard like me, gotta play hard like me, I just wanna feel free.”

Wilkinson’s friend seems pretty pumped about the song — “It’s not bad!” she excitedly exclaims — but Wilkinson herself still looks a little embarrassed after it plays.

“The only thing I would change would be some of the words because I think I can go a bit more seductive,” she says. She’s obviously her own biggest critic.

So will Wilkinson’s single be hitting radio airwaves any time soon? Maybe not. After she listens to the sample, Wilkinson admits that she gave up working with her producer on the song after they had a disagreement.

Listen to the song below in the video below, and then head to the comments and let us know what you think.

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