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Kelly Ripa is so not ready to kiss and make up with Michael Strahan

No one was quite as shocked by Michael Strahan’s announcement that he would be leaving Live! to join Good Morning America as his co-host, Kelly Ripa. By now, we’re sure you know the story of how things went down, but it turns out the situation is even worse than we initially thought.

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Ripa and Strahan have reportedly still not spoken since the ABC executive meeting on Tuesday morning, a source told E! News.

We knew Ripa was livid about finding out so late, but we didn’t realize she was this angry — of course, she had every right to be upset, but could that have been more the network’s fault than Strahan’s?

Ripa is definitely not ready to kiss and make up (not showing up for work is a clear indication of this); however, Strahan apparently feels differently.

“He has no bad blood towards her at this point and is looking forward to start his new chapter with his new team,” the source said.

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Fans will no doubt be upset to learn that Ripa and Strahan are yet to have a private conversation, and that their four-year friendship could very well be on the line. But that hasn’t stopped Strahan from praising Ripa publicly, as he told everyone during his appearance on GMA on Thursday how much he would miss her and how thankful he was to have had the opportunity to work for her.

We hope this brewing feud is worked out in private because it would be an absolute shame to see two people who were so fond of each other fall out, not to mention the disappointment if this news was to signify the end of Live! — Ripa has been out of the office all week, and Shay Mitchell is set to guest host on Monday.

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Kelly Ripa has every right to be angry, but at what point should she consider forgiving Michael Strahan? Was the decision to stay quiet perhaps out of his control? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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