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I hate that Scandal‘s Olivia and Jake are bumping uglies again

Scandal made me feel almost as crazy as Olivia (Kerry Washington) tonight, and I just can’t handle the continuation of the love triangle.

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Not to mention, ever notice how Jake always seems to be munching on a sandwich or something during nearly every single scene he has in the show these days?

Aside from his smug chewing methods, I’m also not a fan of the fact that Eli and Jake are playing house together. And now Olivia has joined them?

It’s the epitome of creepy.

Or, at least, I thought it was until Olivia decided — once again — to flip-flop her way back to Jake.

Um, who wants a man who loves your father more than he loves you? There is nothing sexy about that.

Trust me, I can go for a bad boy just like the best of us women, but Jake has become less of a bad boy and more of a teacher’s pet in the dark side. And the badder he gets, the more he makes me cringe.

Of course, Olivia has her own set of issues right now. I get it. Like attracts like and all that nonsense. But after Olivia and Fitz had that flirty office rendezvous a few episodes back, I thought they were on their way back to Vermont dreams and love heaven.

This is not what I had in mind.

Olivia needs to get her act together. Not just because she has a political campaign to dominate but because she is way better than Jake at this point, if only she’d open her eyes, woman up and see it.

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I’m not saying Fitz is necessarily her man.

In fact, I’d be totally fine if she chose to live without either of them. A fresh start for Olivia sounds great at this point. But just not Jake. Not Jake in the end. He’s become so smarmy, I just want to smack that pleased look off his face.

I know Olivia is struggling because she’s a murderer now and all.

But she needs a therapist. Not Jake.

Basically she needs anyone but Jake.

After she killed Andrew, she could have gone to anyone within her inner circle for support and they would have understood. She could have gone to Huck. She could have gone to Abby. Quinn. Fitz. She could have even gone to Mellie!

The fact that she put on a brave face and ran to visit Huck and Quinn suggests that maybe Olivia is still Pope-ing her father despite everything that’s happened to her.

I really, really hope that’s the case.

Because it’s just not OK for Olivia to end up with Jake. He’s gone down a dark, dark path, and Olivia just isn’t allowed to follow him there.

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I need an Olivia who redeems herself, one who stands up to the man that is Eli and rediscovers herself post this disaster.

And I have faith that Shonda Rhimes will deliver.

At this point in the show, do you think Olivia will pick Jake, Fitz or decide to be on her own?

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