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Lamar Odom may join a basketball team again — and it’s not the Lakers

Lamar Odom has been claiming he wants to get back on the basketball court, and now he may have a chance to show off his skills. Fellow ex-NBA player Baron Davis has offered Odom a spot on the Drew League, says TMZ. Called “the most exclusive summer league in the world,” Drew League brings together young men and women from South Central Los Angeles to “learn life lessons through basketball.”

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All-stars from Kobe Bryant to Byron Scott and Metta World Peace have given their time to play in the league. As a clearly qualified basketball player, Baron Davis extended the offer to Odom to join those prestigious ranks. For Odom, who hasn’t played professionally since 2014, it could be just the step to get him back in the NBA. Just last week, Odom shared with Entertainment Tonight that he’s planning to get back to his professional basketball roots and “get back on the court.”

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Odom is returning to his roots in more ways than one this year. He’ll also be appearing on Season 12 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, despite his pending divorce from Khloé Kardashian. After his overdose and subsequent coma in October 2015, let’s hope we get a chance to see Odom doing what he does best. Grab that jersey, LO!

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