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American Grit‘s Brooke Van Paris loses challenge, but wins respect

American Grit is clearly one of the most physically demanding reality shows ever conceived. Certain contestants may seem better suited for the show’s intense, strenuous ordeals, but looks can be deceiving. Last week, a complete lack of hubris got the cocky Chris Krueger eliminated, proving that it takes a lot more than just athleticism and beach muscles to thrive on this show.

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Unfortunately for veteran obstacle course competitor Brooke Van Paris, not even an indomitable spirit was enough to overcome the challenge of the Circus. Her elimination was nowhere near as satisfying as Krueger’s, but it did prove that you can lose the competition and still be a champion.

American Grit Brooke
Image: Fox

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“Beast Mode Barbie” was bound and determined to show the world that she wasn’t just a pretty face. Van Paris definitely has a unique skill set ideal for American Grit‘s unique, military-training inspired obstacle courses. After all, she has competed in 48 obstacle courses just in the past year! She is no stranger to overcoming the odds; she revealed to host John Cena that she broke both her hands in a car accident six years ago, and was dependent on her father to help her eat and bathe. The show built up Van Paris as the ultimate underdog, ready to conquer the Circus by using her heart, determination and obstacle course acumen.

American Grit Brooke 2
Image: Fox

Unfortunately, all the training and willpower in the world can’t help you when faced with a literal Ice Bucket Challenge. The endurance portion of the Circus showed that Beast Mode Barbie definitely wasn’t waterproof, as she couldn’t handle the repeated submersions. After nine rounds consisting of 10 burpees and a dip in the dunk tank, Van Paris’ body couldn’t take anymore — she passed out from exhaustion. It was certainly a scary scene as she was being attended to by medical personnel, but thankfully, she wasn’t injured. Her incredible effort was lauded by each and every member of the cast, and viewers on Twitter also commended her for never giving up.

Van Paris set the ultimate example for how a contestant should behave when faced with adversity. She might not win American Grit, but with her determination and willpower, she will surely continue to accomplish great things.

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What did you think of Brooke Van Paris’ encounter with the American Grit Circus? Comment and share your opinion below.

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