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RHONY‘s Bethenny Frankel was attempting to be a good friend to Dorinda Medley

Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend, John Mahdessian, isn’t exactly a great person. There aren’t many episodes where he isn’t annoying or inappropriate. However, in the most recent episode, he went from inappropriate to downright aggressive. In a fight that started basically out of nowhere, he accused Bethenny Frankel of being incapable of holding onto a family or love and got in her face about it.

The entire exchange was uncomfortable and a little scary.

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Frankel isn’t completely innocent in the argument. She’s never careful with her words and doesn’t consider any consequences for what she says. But, at least in this case, she had good intentions. She saw her friend Medley in an unhealthy relationship and she expressed her concern. It’s what most of us expect from our closest girlfriends. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, Medley got mad at the wrong person after the disagreement.

We all know that love can make us do some crazy things. It can keep us blind to the truth. Most of the time, it’s inconsequential. But sometimes it means ignoring some warning signs of a bad relationship. Even intelligent women, like Medley, are victims of it.

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Watching it unfold on TV to someone to who is smart and kind, even if I don’t know her, is oddly sad. I want to just yell into my TV and tell her how much of a mistake she’s making. And then I think about the fact that somewhere in New York, she probably is watching the show in utter embarrassment, and that makes the whole thing even more depressing.

In a strange way, Bravo is doing its part to shed some light on the issue of bad relationships. If one person watching this episode recognizes how bad their relationship is because they watched Frankel fight with Medley and Mahdessian, then I guess it was worth it. It doesn’t make it any more enjoyable to watch Medley make terrible choices, but at least someone is learning.

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Here’s hoping that Frankel can deliver her message in a way Medley can hear it next time.

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