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Oprah isn’t impressed with the way Michael Strahan handled his Live! exit

There are very few things Oprah speaks out about (outside of bread, of course), so when she does, everyone needs to listen. In this instance, Live! With Kelly and Michael definitely needs to listen.

While at the Tribeca Film Festival, Winfrey was asked by TMZ what she thought about Michael Strahan’s exit, and she said that she was very excited for him. But when pressed to give an opinion of the way the show handled telling Kelly Ripa, Winfrey had a little less supportive an attitude.

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“Nobody told Kelly?” Winfrey asked the reporter. “Well, she should have never found out, like, in the media, that’s what you’re saying? She shouldn’t have to find out that way.”

I completely agree with her. And not just because she’s Oprah, but because she’s right. Ripa has given more than 15 years to the show and has made it a success post-Regis Philbin. That is a huge accomplishment considering how much he meant to the show. To not give her a head’s up or an explanation is pretty low.

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I find it very hard to believe that Ripa would be anything but supportive of Strahan’s move. She has an amazing gig and waking up at 3 a.m. five days a week is probably not something she wants to do with a house full of kids anyway. The show’s producers didn’t set her up to have a good reaction to this news and that isn’t fair.

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And they probably feel really sorry now that Winfrey, the queen of all show producers, is calling them out for their bad behavior. Truly, I hope this does prompt them to issue an apology. Whether it’s public or private, Ripa deserves so much more than she’s getting right now.

What do you think about the way this was handled? Is Ripa overreacting or does she deserve more?

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