Catherine Giudici’s baby belly sparks gender predictions, but they’re all wrong

Catherine Giudici is experiencing a whole new pitfall of celebrity womanhood: the public speculating not only on her body, but what’s inside of it.

Giudici is expecting her first child with Bachelor hubby Sean Lowe, and she shared a photo of her baby bump in full bloom while on a romantic getaway.

Bikini Body by Baby.

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“Bikini Body by Baby,” she wrote.

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Giudici’s snapshot garnered many responses, many of which speculated on if she is having a girl or a boy — and those opinions were based on the shape of her belly and how she is carrying. While the opinions seem to be split 50/50 on whether Giudici and Lowe are expecting a boy or a girl, the fact remains that the info they are basing those opinions on is nothing more than old wives’ tales.

Some say that Giudici must be having a girl because she appears to be carrying high. Not only is that impossible to tell from the angle of the photo — she is reclining on a pool chair — but the position of the bump has no direct correlation to the sex of the fetus. For example, I carried high during my first pregnancy and had a boy, and low during my second with a girl — the direct opposite of what the old wives’ tale says.

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Regardless, Giudici and Lowe are impervious to the rampant speculation. They are loving their babymoon in Palm Springs, a place that holds special meaning to the couple.

“We picked Palm Springs for a couple of reasons — it’s warm and sunny, and it also holds some sentimental value with us,” Lowe wrote on his blog.

“After we had filmed The Bachelor but before it had finished airing, the production team would fly us both to a secret location in L.A. every couple of weeks for the weekend,” Lowe continued. “Our last secret weekend, two of our favorite producers, Pete and Cassie, drove us to Palm Springs and put us up in a really cool house with a pool for the weekend. To this day, we still talk about how much fun we had just hanging out at that house, swimming, grilling, and watching movies. So next week, we’re going to try and recapture those memories and make some new ones too.”

Giudici is currently 29 weeks along, placing her due date at the end of June.

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