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Bella Twins’ spin-off show is going to be complete chaos & we can’t wait

The Bella Twins have landed their own spinoff, and it promises to be even wilder than things ever got in the ring.

Total Divas Season 5 is dunzo, but fans have something huge to look forward to: the premiere of Nikki and Brie Bella’s new show Total Bellas. In it, fans will get a deeper glimpse of the sisters’ personal lives, including Nikki’s harrowing neck surgery and her recovery.

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“It’s basically a show about Brie and I and our family, more about our life outside the ring,” Nikki told E! News. “You get to see my surgery up close and personal.”

Brie added, “You get to see Bryan’s retirement up close and personal.”

In the wake of Nikki’s surgery, the whole family came together to help out — a situation Brie called “a lot of chaos under one roof.

“I couldn’t leave my house for three months, so my family decided to come bombard John and I and just fully take over our house,” Nikki said.

But according to Brie, they could hardly take over because John Cena has some pretty strict house rules, and they feature heavily in the show.

“You will see him a lot because he made a lot of rules, and he makes sure they’re all enforced,” she said. “Like, making our bed every morning! Josie had rules! My French bulldog had rules from John!”

The twins tweeted their excitement over the coming show to their fans.

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And they shared the news on Instagram, complete with a still image sneak-peek.

“The surprise is out!” Nikki wrote. “Hope you’re ready for it! #TotalBellas #bellafam”

Total Bellas will premiere in the fall of 2016.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment

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