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If JoJo Fletcher has it her way, you won’t see any blonds or bums on The Bachelorette

Our next Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher, has high-class taste and thanks to her, ABC now does too. According to Life & Style, Fletcher has encouraged producers to gather men with certain requirements for her future potential suitors. We all have to set the bar somewhere, and she’s going to be dating these guys on national TV. I say do you, JoJo!

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All the men on her season of the show must be successful, says an inside source. When you consider all the part-time actors, personal trainers and the career “twins” the show saw last season, that’s quite a big ask.

Fletcher herself works as a real estate developer and the insider claims she “deserves someone wealthy and on her level. She won’t accept an average life or an average man.” Once again: This all sounds like fairly standard practice when you’re swiping right or meeting someone in a bar. Why shouldn’t Fletcher be given the same veto power just because she’s on a reality show?

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Her requirements get a little more dicey when they extend to physical appearance. The insider says she originally asked for men who fit her type: “very tall and dark-haired.” But “after some negotiation, she did say she’d be open to a few blonds.” On second thought, maybe we should let her choose based on type: It would be pretty hilarious to see a group of 25 very tall, dark-haired bachelors vying for her love.

The new season of The Bachelorette premieres on ABC on Monday, May 23.

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