Life in the Sister Wives household sounds totally miserable right now

Life in the plural-married Sister Wives household never sounded like a whole lot of fun, but according to a former friend, it’s downright miserable these days.

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Kody Brown’s fourth wife Robyn’s former close friend, Kendra Pollard-Parra, told In Touch that the family puts on a happy face when the cameras are rolling, but behind the scenes of their popular TLC reality series, they fight over Kody’s favoritism, longtime grudges among the wives and the drama that stemmed from Meri Brown’s catfishing scandal.

“It’s worse than ever. The family is arguing constantly,” Pollard-Parra reportedly said. “They pretend to be happy for the show, but the family is a mess.”

She continues on to say that Kody is “definitely seeking another wife right now. He wants a younger female, basically what Robyn used to be.”

She even says that Kody asked her to be his fifth wife, right in front of Robyn.

“The first time he met me he said, ‘You’re so pretty. I’m looking for another wife!’” she revealed. “Robyn was laughing, but I was like, ‘Eww!'”

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Pollard-Parra also claims that TLC plans to cancel Sister Wives after its seventh season, but that Kody has a plan to create enough drama to keep the cameras rolling.

“He’ll most likely drop one of the other wives,” she said. “Kody’s main goal is to keep the series going and to make money. He’s a snake.”

According to Pollard-Parra, Robyn is the only wife that Kody really cares for anymore, and they spend all day in bed together on the regular.

“Kody thinks of Janelle as more of a friend — she’s his buddy. Christine is just a brat and a problem to him,” she said. “And Meri, Kody can’t stand her.”

And as for Robyn?

“Their relationship is quite nauseating,” Pollard-Parra said. “She treats Kody like a king, catering to his every need.”

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