Get to know Compadres' Aislinn Derbez and the women she loves most

Apr 20, 2016 at 12:54 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Every Wednesday, we feature a female celebrity's top list of her very own #WomanCrushWednesdays. This week, just days before her new film Compadres hits theaters, Aislinn Derbez shares the women who've inspired her.

1. Actress & singer Alessandra Rosaldo

First of all, she's an incredible person, a strong and beautiful woman through and through. She's an amazing, patient and very wise mother with my little sister, and she is working on herself and on becoming a better human being. I also admire her for all the unconditional love she has given to my family.

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2. Malala

I admire all those women that are both known and unknown who have strength and courage, who are brave and wise enough to speak out loud their truth. The women that fight for their rights in a world that has crushed women's equality. Malala is an example of those women, and she embodies perseverance.

3. Actress Meryl Streep

Beyond being incredibly talented and gifted, I especially admire her for the remarkable balance that she has achieved in her life. It's not easy navigating both a successful professional life and personal life, and she has had the wisdom to navigate between both. You can really sense how down-to-earth and humble she is, and she hasn't neglected her family over her career.

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4. My grandmother, Gloria

I’ve always known her to be such a happy and calm person, despite living a life that's been pretty crazy. She has this contagious quality of peace and serenity, and when I’m her age, I hope I can radiate the same positive qualities.

5. Mexican political writer, analyst & professor Denise Dresser

I admire those women who have guts to look deep within themselves and stick to their guns, who won’t back down to critics and fight to make a mark on society. Those women who fear nothing, except the fear of losing their convictions. I admire those women who don’t settle for the mundane and whose passion and desire to grow and fight only increases daily. Those women who don’t give, and if they get knocked down they only use it as fuel to go even further. Denise is a perfect example of that kind of woman.

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Check out Derbez in Compadres, hitting theaters on Friday, April 22.