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3 reality TV moms who are actually really great

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to take notice of admirable reality TV moms who are supportive and kind role models. I think it’s important to notice what is really good on our TV screens instead of the usual drama and conflict. These women are examples of great mothers and parents. Each mom I chose for reasons of great parenting skills and relationships with their child or children.

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1. Dr. Jennifer Arnold from The Little Couple

Image: TLC

My first amazing mom is Dr. Jennifer Arnold. She and her husband, Bill, have two adopted children: Will and Zoey. She is a great role model and example of an amazing mom who takes the time to parent with love and consistency. I watch her set appropriate rules and boundaries for her two young children, and, in my opinion, she shows a kindhearted approach to motherhood.

I adore watching her bond with each of her children together and spending separate time with each child to foster close relationships. I think she is a fabulous example of an engaged and loving parent who still sets healthy boundaries and is teaching her children how to become great adults.

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2. Julie Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best

Image: IMDb

Julie Chrisley has a more laid-back parenting style and is creating good relationships with her children. She is described as “a super mom.” Julie appears to give her children space with a laid-back approach, but she still guides and sets boundaries. She also allows her children to see their own mistakes, which allows the children to experience situations for themselves. She still guides them and gives advice along the way. I think she shows a great deal of love for her family as well as keeps the family on track.

3. Barbara Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Image: TLC

Barbara “Babs” Thore is the mother of dancer Whitney Thore, the star of a show that follows her as she rediscovers her love for dancing despite her size. Babs is not only funny and lighthearted, but she consistently supports her daughter. Even though Babs and Whitney are still figuring out the relationship between an adult daughter and a mother, their relationship is a fantastic example of how a parent and adult child can begin to separate while still being there for each other.

Each of these mothers brings their own style to motherhood. It is refreshing to watch such women show positive examples on reality TV. I like these examples of moms to look at three different ages of children: young children, teenagers, and an adult child.

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