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BRB, squealing over Chrissy Teigen’s first pic of her baby girl Luna Simone

Two historic things in the world of celebrity social media happened today. The first was Luna Simone, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s first daughter, made her first public appearance on Instagram. And the second is people were overwhelmingly positive toward Teigen.

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The new model mommy posted a beautiful picture showing her and daughter “Lulu” enjoying an afternoon outside, alongside Teigen’s dog. Normally, it wouldn’t be big news that followers would show an outpouring of love and congratulations to a new mom, but with Teigen and the internet, you never really know. For whatever reason, she tends to bring out the worst in people.

It’s probably because she calls them out for being really unkind, terrible people — which is totally OK in my book.

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Before Luna made her arrival, people accused Teigen and Legend of everything from “playing God” to conducting a science experiment by selecting the embryo they wanted during IVF. They both had enough patience and class to brush all of that off their shoulders, but it’s still a wonder Teigen even has profiles at this point, let alone posts personal things to them. But I, for one, am glad she does. Because Luna Simone is adorable and I can’t wait to see which of her incredibly talented and good-looking parents she takes after.

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Maybe now that she’s a mom, followers are afraid of having her yell at them or get them in trouble so they’ve decided to back off from their snide or just plain hateful comments. More likely, they’re excited about the incredibly cute baby and they’ll be back to complaining about something new tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope the brand new family is soaking up all the love from everyone. I also hope we get to see Luna’s face soon!

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