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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had a very modern marriage problem

We’re going with the assumption that Brian Austin Green is the father of Megan Fox’s soon-to-debut third baby, so has the couple resolved the issues that led to their split in the first place?

Fox and Green announced their intention to divorce last August, but they seem to have put it on the back burner since Fox fell pregnant. She is reportedly around five months along.

But a new baby does not magically fix a marriage and, in fact, can cause an even bigger rift if the issues present before the pregnancy are not resolved. So what was happening in the Fox-Green home that made them want to break up their family in the first place?

“They had several conflicts that led to the divorce,” a family source told People magazine. “Megan worked a lot last year, and she continues to work a lot. When she is away, Brian stays with the kids. Before they filed for divorce, they had disagreements about this situation.”

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Adding to Green’s frustrations: He was left with severe vertigo after a car accident and was often unable to get out of bed and work on a set all day.

“Megan is a great mom, but also wants to keep her great career,” said the source. “Brian ended up being a stay-at-home dad. He is happy to be with the kids, but also wants another life than just being a dad.”

Now that she’s pregnant — and the father is not any of these three guys — the couple is reportedly living together again and trying to make it work.

“Maybe a third baby will bring them closer,” said the family source (rather unconvincingly). “It seems they both think it’s worth trying a bit harder to keep their family together as it is.”

Good luck with that! But seriously, for the sake of both of them and their kids, hopefully they can find a way to really work it out and be truly happy together.

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