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Game of Thrones‘ Thoros of Myr is returning — but will Lady Stoneheart show up?

As if we weren’t all excited enough for the quickly approaching return of Game of Thrones, now anticipation can rise to a fever pitch as we’ve learned that the familiar face of Thoros of Myr will be back to grace Season 6.

Through some carefully crafted internet sleuthing, GoT community Watchers on the Wall uncovered that Paul Kaye has been filming scenes for the upcoming season and he will be involved in a hanging scene of sorts.

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While everyone is pretty happy to learn that Kaye’s Thoros of Myr — who hasn’t been seen on the show since Season 3 — is returning, the real giddiness comes from the implication of his presence: It could actually mean that Michelle Fairley will be back to reprise her role as Catelyn Stark turned Lady Stoneheart.
In the GoT books, Cateyln Stark is zombified by Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion after her throat was slit, thus turning her into Lady Stoneheart.

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However, HBO’s version of Game of Thrones hasn’t exactly been following the books’ plotlines to a T, and there’s been no confirmation of Fairley’s return to the show this season — but that hasn’t put a dampener on fans’ hopes.
Now that we know that Game of Thrones‘ days are numbered, it’s kind of exciting to think about all the character revivals and amazing story lines that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will throw at us in the homestretch.

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What do you think? Will Lady Stoneheart show up in Game of Thrones Season 6?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Game of Thrones replacements slideshow

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