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America got it wrong with outrageous elimination on The Voice

The Voice can be a very frustrating show to watch, as the most impressive artists are frequently sent home far too early. This was unfortunately the case this evening, when the amazing Emily Keener failed to capture the fan votes needed to keep her around for another week.

Emily and Owen
Image: NBC

Sometimes, artists are voted off the show because they just don’t sound good. But more often, the real problem is that their style doesn’t appeal to enough of the show’s viewers. This is the only viable explanation for why Keener was voted off, for she has consistently sounded awesome — more so than many of the singers who managed to make the show’s top 11.

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Keener’s elimination was especially disappointing in light of last night’s remarkable performance. She took on the beautiful song “Lilac Wine” and, wow, talk about impressive! The coaches were clearly pleased, as evidenced by their standing ovation. Pharrell was thankful that America had the chance to witness Keener’s talent, which has blown him away from the beginning. Christina Aguilera also praised Keener, claiming that her performance was, up until that point, the best of the night.

Emily Keener
Image: NBC

Regardless of the coaches’ feedback, Keener’s elimination really shouldn’t be all that surprising. After all, voters failed to send Keener to the top 12 when they had the chance. She was fortunate enough to have Pharrell come to the rescue, but this sadly was not an option this week.

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After the sad news was revealed, several very disappointed viewers took to Twitter to share their shock and outrage.

Memorable Season 9 artist Mark Hood also joined the discussion. He encouraged Keener to continue to pursue her musical career and not worry too much about America messing up.

Keener’s elimination is upsetting, to say the least. Yes, there were many great performances last night, but hers was among the best. It sucks to see the best artists eliminated so soon, but unfortunately, this is all part of watching The Voice.

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If there’s a silver lining, it’s that Keener is talented enough to make it in the music industry on her own. The notoriety gained through her inclusion in the top 20 is only bound to help as she moves on with her career.

Were you saddened to see Emily Keener sent packing so soon? Comment and share your opinion below.

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The Voice winners slideshow
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