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Don’t you dare call Sofía Vergara a Trump supporter

Sofía Vergara has not, I repeat not, endorsed Donald Trump, and she wants you to know it. A website fabricated a report that Vergara voiced her support for Trump on a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The original story has already been taken down, but the Latin Times has the details.

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In order to drum up internet traffic, the masterminds behind the article completely fabricated the story. Vergara has not even appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show since March, let alone endorsed a candidate for president.

The authors allegedly went so far as to attribute fake quotes to Vergara, who responded on Twitter, making it clear that she had no role in the story. “Stupid fake journal.never again use my name to invent stupid fake news,” she wrote.

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The false report had Vergara gushing about Trump, putting very strong words in her mouth. She supposedly said, “[Trump] is like some of this country’s best leaders, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington… Also, he’s worth 4 billion dollars. You don’t get to be that successful unless you know how to run something. That’s the person I want running this country.” Her rep confirmed to the Latin Times that the information in the original article isn’t true at all.

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Image: Sofia Vergara/Instagram

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