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Angelina is that you? This model could be Angelina Jolie’s twin, seriously

Aside from Angelina Jolie’s notable accomplishments, she’s also a stunningly beautiful woman; and now there’s more of her to love (kind of) because it turns out she has a doppelgänger.

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The woman in question is 21-year-old model Mara Teigen, who bares such a striking resemblance to Jolie that you may have to do a double take.

Seriously, just look at those lips.

And, of course, the Internet is freaking out.

Comments on the pictures include one from xmen_dofp_logan, who wrote, “The resemblance is incredible, better than the original, i truly hope you will be in Movies, Tombraider 3 [sic] perhaps?”

“You look like Angelina Jolie right here oh my gosh so beautiful,” raainexo_ shared.

“Angelina jolie twin is that u,” _14.02.15 wrote. And marisarosay was also blown away by the uncanny resemblance, writing, “modern day Angelina Jolie.”

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Teigen (no relationship to Chrissy, we don’t think) has been hanging around Kylie Jenner recently, and the pair have a few snaps together: She’s also one of the models in Jenner’s Glosses video — created to promote her cosmetic line, Kylie Cosmetics.

According to PopSugar, Teigen also has appeared in advertisements for Milani Cosmetics and Frankie’s Bikinis.

She’s beautiful, and is clearly making a name for herself in the industry (plus she’s racking up fans on Instagram and already has 580,000 followers), but she also seems to be a pretty positive, upbeat person, and her photos are filled with smiling, happy photos. Just like this one, which she captioned with, “Smiling is the best cure for most things.”

Too true.

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Do you also think Mara Teigen looks a lot like Angelina Jolie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

celeb look alike slideshow
Image: Andres Otero/ PNP/

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