Fans are freaking out over Meghan Trainor's 'Photoshopped' Seventeen cover

Apr 19, 2016 at 8:50 a.m. ET
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It seems a common practice in the fashion industry is to Photoshop any "imperfections" and slim down models and celebs to create the perfect magazine cover, but the public has really had enough of this.

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Meghan Trainor is Seventeen magazine's May cover girl, and while it's great it is featuring someone who is an advocate for body positivity, what's not great is that fans strongly believe the image has been Photoshopped.

Taking to Instagram, Seventeen shared the cover image along with the caption, "Say hello to another one of our special commencement issue cover stars,@meghan_trainor! Go to to get a sneak peek! On stands 4/19: @TomSchirmacher."

But comments have been far less positive than the publication had hoped for.


"I love Meghan! Her arms look so skinny and photo shopped here though. Let the woman be a size 12 and happy," rebeccaesther wrote.

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"Sorry but it looks like the pic was altered," crystial_j observed.

"This is horribly photoshopped," leah.michelle_ wrote, and artsybritdoll agreed, writing, "They photoshopped her arms a lot.

"So much photoshop that's disappointing," hellogeneee wrote. And they are right, it is so disappointing to see that despite the growing number of celebs (including Lena Dunham, Zendaya, Ashley Benson, and Kate Winslet) who have called for publications to put an end to Photoshop that it still appears to be happening. Although, it should be noted that in 2012, Seventeen vowed to stop digitally enhancing the women who grace their pages and "celebrate every kind of beauty."

The Photoshop accusations are made even worse given that Trainor speaks about loving her body in the accompanying interview.

"A couple of years ago, you'd never see me in a dress," she told the publication. "And now I want to sha-zoom me. I mean, I want it tight. I want to show off what I got!"

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"For a good six years, I wore sweatpants and sweatshirts, even on vacation in 90-degree weather — I was hiding," she continued. "In pictures, you can just see my face, like 'Help.'"

We're so happy that Trainor has learned to love the skin she's in, and her words serve as inspiration for many other women who are yet to feel that way about their own bodies. No one is perfect, and nor is one single body shape and size — which is all the more reason why images should not be altered to fit into a certain mold.

Do you think Meghan Trainor's cover has been Photoshopped? If so, are you disappointed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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