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Brandi Redmond’s poop hat on RHOD was immature, not offensive

Brandi Redmond is by far my favorite gal on The Real Housewives of Dallas. Yes, she is sometimes incredibly annoying (especially when she’s going on and on about how much she adores poop and Jesus Juice), but she’s a breath of fresh air on a show full of holier than thou charity princesses. It was clear from the very beginning that her antics — and lack of filter — were bound to cause drama, and tonight’s episode certainly delivered!

LeeAnne Locken
Image: Bravo

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This evening, the main source of drama was a very creative and very atrocious hat that Redmond designed specifically for a charity event that needed a little brightening up. Her hat was admittedly very immature, as it featured what is seemingly her favorite thing in the whole wide world: poop. She also thoughtfully included a plastic dog on the hat, thus letting others know the species from which the hat’s poop originated.

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Redmond’s nemesis LeeAnne Locken was predictably outraged by the hat. Or perhaps she wasn’t actually outraged, but merely eager for an excuse to get Redmond in trouble. Either way, her response was exactly what I expected, given her behavior thus far.

Brandi Redmond
Image: Bravo

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Last week, the majority of those who live tweeted the RHOD premiere agreed that Locken was unlikable, but there was more of a divide for Redmond, with many viewers unable to get past her immaturity. This week, that divide deepened, and a surprising number of viewers took issue with Redmond’s silly hat. A few compared the hat to a swamp, while others claimed that Redmond’s behavior was downright disgusting.

Redmond is definitely immature, but there are a lot of things worse in this world than an ugly hat covered in fake dog turds. The only thing sadder than Locken’s disdain is that so many viewers are similarly outraged. C’mon people, it’s a hat. Redmond is still donating plenty of money to a great cause, so there’s no need to freak out.

What did you think of Brandi Redmond’s hat on The Real Housewives of Dallas? Did you find it offensive or merely ugly? Comment and share your opinion below.

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