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Giuliana Rancic shouldn’t be called skinny, she should be called brave

Giuliana Rancic shared a photo to Instagram today that showed her lounging by the pool in a black bikini with her son, Duke, laughing next to her. The two both looked incredibly happy to be spending quality time together. Instead of hiding herself or missing the opportunity to capture a genuinely happy moment with her son, Rancic bravely posted the pic to her 2.5 million followers.

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I say bravely because if I were her, I don’t know if I would have. Instagram can be a ruthless place full of terrible comments. And it’s no secret that Rancic has dealt with millions of comments about her body and her weight.

Rancic is naturally skinny, but when she underwent treatment for her breast cancer, she lost what little extra weight she had. Any public appearance she made during that time was met with “eat a burger” comments. For the record, those comments are just as bad as telling someone they need to put down the burger and eat a salad.

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Body positivity is for all people and sizes. There are definitely health risks associated with all sizes, and showing concern for a friend or family member is encouraged when it comes from a loving place. When you’re giving unsolicited advice to a stranger online, even if that stranger is a celebrity, about what they should and shouldn’t eat, you’re just being a jerk.

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Luckily, the 2.5 million people who follow Rancic on Instagram got this message and praised her with nothing but supportive comments about how great she looked. It’s inspiring to see that no matter what reaction she gets, it hasn’t stopped Rancic from celebrating her body and putting it out there for everyone to see.

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