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Containment might be killing off major characters left and right

The CW‘s new limited series Containment promises to be a show like we’ve never seen before on the network.

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SheKnows chatted with star Christina Moses about the new series that follows an epidemic outbreak in Atlanta, and she described the show as a “beautiful and horrific love story.”

“It’s definitely really gritty and real, more than anything on The CW so far for sure,” she said. “We don’t really hold back from how this virus spreads and how it affects the body. It basically just ravishes the body and you’ll definitely see that. And it’s indiscriminate. It spreads really quickly.”

Moses confirmed that you should expect at least a couple of unexpected casualties early on. And by early on, I mean by the end of the first episode.

Moses added, “We also see — not the complete demise of humanity — but there is a breakdown in humanity. You see people rise and become heroes and you see people fall and succumb to their fears and the lesser part of themselves, and we don’t really hold back with that either.”

Moses plays Jana, an independent woman who will be rethinking her independence once she gets stuck in the Atlanta quarantine.

“We’re separated,” Moses said of her character Jana and Jana’s boyfriend Jesse. “He’s outside the quarantine and I’m inside the quarantine. And we’re trying to maintain our love and our connection, and Jana gets a lot of time to reflect on all the ways in which she kept intimacy at bay because of her fears growing up and how that’s, kind of, useless.”

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She added, “She had a very troubled life, growing up in a group home. And learning how to survive has been a great asset for her. Her strength is her asset, but it’s also been her liability in the sense that she’s been afraid to be vulnerable, to trust people and to let them in because these were dangerous things for her in the past. Her journey to learn how to use her strength, not just for her own survival, but to help other people survive and to let people in and to realize that it’s OK to be vulnerable and need people, I think that’s just a beautiful story and a beautiful character to play, a very complex character to play that we want more women to play on television.”

And Containment will definitely be delivering on the complex female characters. The show’s creator is Julie Plec, the same mastermind behind The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, which means this woman knows how to write ladies and irresistible onscreen chemistry.

“There’s something about women that in catastrophe, in chaos, in crisis, because of the maternal power that we have, we can multitask. We’re able to have a bird’s eye view.”

A bird’s eye view that Moses said will be vital to the progression of the show and to the encouragements of our heroes.

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“We all love danger. We’re all attracted to these apocalyptic, what-would-happen-next stories, right?” Moses said about why Containment is so exciting, “And then, on top of that, what Julie Plec is so great at creating are these beautiful, human stories of showing the humanity of these people, who would they become in the time of crisis and learning to become in that. As well as fighting to get back to the person you love and forging new friendship and new bonds when you wouldn’t think were possible before or had no interest in before. And I think that is really cool. I think it’s a really awesome reflection of our world today.”

Containment premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW. Will you be tuning in?

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