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Nikki Bella should just get on one knee & propose to John Cena already

Total Divas is closing out its season this week with some bad news for Nikki Bella and John Cena fans, and maybe for Bella herself. The show’s central couple is still not engaged despite Bella’s very public prodding. In a clip from the season finale, Bella and the rest of the divas spend a lovely night together in Paris… talking about their boyfriends. On a romantic evening stroll, the ladies all decide to wish on the Eiffel Tower. We’ll give you one guess what Bella wishes for.

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“I wish that John would propose to me,” she says before elaborating on the current state of their relationship in a bit of an emotional spiral. “You guys, John finally told me on our three-year anniversary that marriage doesn’t bother him, and he wants to marry me. The reason why he hasn’t asked is that he has to know deep down in my heart that I’m OK not being a mom.”

The girls try to comfort her by saying how fun it would be if John were there to propose right now. Sure — but what if he doesn’t?

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Every clip, interview and article about this show seems to involve Bella and Cena’s relationship status — not how happy they are, not if they’re still together, not how well they treat each other, but whether they’re engaged. Nikki, girl, what about proposing to him?

Watch the teaser below.

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