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The Family‘s seriousness may be its fatal flaw

While I’ve been rooting for The Family since it first premiered on ABC, I also understand why viewers are jumping ship.

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The show doesn’t have any humor. At all. The characters don’t even smile. Like, literally, I don’t think I can remember any one of them actually having a joyous moment — unless it’s ironic somehow.

And, as if the characters aren’t enough to get you feeling blue, the subject of the show is heavy. Heavy and dark. You’re talking about a mother who is pretending her dead son is alive for the sake of her political career while, on the other hand, you have a psycho child kidnapper staying one step ahead of the cops, and a pedophile who just wants redemption. It is messed up and makes me think in circles about right and wrong. It’s brilliant writing and spot-on acting but definitely not for the faint of heart.

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Personally, I can get into a good dark show. And I’ve really enjoyed The Family. But I’m a single, 20-something who can sip on some pinot while I reflect on the meaning of life. For most of America, they’re settling down on a Sunday night with their family. Sunday nights are the time for shows like fellow ABC series Once Upon a Time, where quests for justice are family-friendly fun. Or Quantico, where the action and mystery are peppered in with romance and spicy character dynamics.

So, while I definitely think there is a place for shows without any laughs, like The Family, I don’t think Sunday nights on ABC are the way to go. This show would probably do great on FX or AMC. Put it on a Wednesday night, add in a character who can lighten the mood every once in a while, and now you’re cooking.

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Unfortunately, the recipe ABC has with The Family right now is going bad real quick, and I fear the series won’t get its chance to shine into Season 2.

Do you think The Family‘s fatal flaw is its lack of humor or is there something else missing from this ABC drama?

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