Quantico: Miranda's speech to Parrish finally made the show worth watching

Apr 18, 2016 at 1:10 a.m. ET
Image: ABC/Jan Thijs

Oh, Quantico... you know how to make a feminist swoon!

All season long we've been watching as FBI trainee Alex Parrish tackled mental and physical challenges on her way to becoming an agent. We've also seen her tackle more than one of her fellow recruits (plus one of her teachers) between the sheets — which could be seen as a move by a sexually confident and empowered woman, if it weren't for the fact that lately she's been letting her feelings get the better of her, making her come off as petty and weak.

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But tonight Agent Parrish had a little 'Come to Jesus' moment, courtesy of the Executive Director of the FBI Academy, Miranda Shaw.

And it was beautiful.

It started with Miranda complimenting Parrish's tenacity.

"You asked tough questions. You demanded answers," said a visibly emotional Shaw. "You fought for the truth. You don't quit. And that will take you far. But it will also get you in trouble."

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Shaw's stating the obvious there — not only does this side of Parrish's personality get her in trouble during her time at the academy, but it's getting her in trouble in the present day timeline as well. Tonight's episode saw Parrish spinning her wheels in an attempt to find out why Shelby was driving the terrorist SUV last week... rented by Caleb Haas' alter ego.

Because of course Caleb is involved! In addition to lots of steamy make-out scenes, this show is chock-full of twists and turns, and Caleb is ripe for twisting... at the end of the episode, we don't know if he's really a heroin addict like he tells Parrish he is, or if he's working for his mother — or if he's actually the terrorist!

But Caleb's inconsistency pairs nicely with Shaw's motivational speech to Parrish, because it is all about the FBI's sexist double standards.

"They favor men for promotions," said Shaw, "They protect them from punishment. No matter their weaknesses, no matter what they do."

The statement is particularly powerful considering Caleb has been given multiple second chances, despite making some major mistakes. And, as far as Shaw's career goes, her skeezy counterpart, Liam O'Connor, is about to take over her job.

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"The FBI is still a man's world," Shaw continued. "And in a man's world, men get a way with murder. It's too late for me, but it's not for you."

Maybe Parrish will remember this speech in the current timeline, because present day Parrish is spinning out of control. She'll need to pull herself together and start making better decisions if she's going to do what Miranda wants her to do (which is something all of the women in her program should be aiming for) — shatter the glass ceiling.

Now, if only the show could work a little harder at making Parrish less boy crazy and hand her the hammer so she can break some glass!