We love the new ring Drew Barrymore's wearing on her wedding finger

Apr 16, 2016 at 9:45 a.m. ET
Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Drew Barrymore may be going through a rough patch after announcing her divorce from Will Kopelman, her husband of four years and the father of their two young daughters, but you can always count on her to stay positive and keep looking toward the future. The actress was honored at the ASPCA's 19th annual Bergh Ball in New York City, and Barrymore showed up without her wedding ring. That fact alone isn't big news — why would she keep wearing a symbol of a relationship that has since dissolved? The most interesting thing she sported that evening, however, was a very different ring on that finger.

Barrymore wore a beautiful 14K blue and gold enamel ring from Alison Lou with a few choice words engraved on it in French: "Qu'Hier Que Demain," which translates to, "More than yesterday, less than tomorrow."

Here's the pretty ring, which is available on Broken English's website for $1,550.

Image: Broken English

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I don't think her choice of jewelry is random. In a May interview with Good Housekeeping magazine, Barrymore proved she had both happiness and freedom on the brain. When asked how she would rate her current level of happiness she said, "Yesterday I was a 10, tomorrow I might be an 8, this afternoon I might be a 3 and tonight I might be an 11. I just have a lot on my plate right now, and it's hard to figure out the puzzle pieces for the next year of my life." She understands the importance of taking things one day at a time and realizing, as her ring reminds her, that today is only a blip in time and that tomorrow brings another chance to love — yourself, the people around you, life — even more.

Barrymore also admitted in the interview that she feels achieving happiness requires effort. "Happiness is not this yellow, blithe, floating thing," she said. "It's something that takes a tremendous amount of work. There's a warrior aspect to being happy, You've got to fight for it. And only when you've got that kind of earned happiness is it really good."

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It's very Drew of Drew to replace her wedding ring with a piece that looks to the future without dwelling in the past. She is more than yesterday and less than tomorrow — and is perfectly comfortable living her life with the knowledge that she is always growing, learning and evolving. It sounds like her divorce is a necessary step for her to take in order to grow as a person.

Kudos to Barrymore for finding the ideal post-divorce wedding ring replacement.