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Shark Tank entrepreneurs shouldn’t mix business with romance

It’s always interesting to observe couples’ dynamics when they appear on Shark Tank. Some make great teams, tackling business deals with the same strategic savvy they apply to everything from household chores to relationship drama. Others force one spouse to do all the talking while the other gazes on awkwardly. Tonight’s featured couple seemed to work well together, but they made a remark that came across as a poor ploy for pity.

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Nobody wants to leave the Tank empty-handed, but the stakes were especially high for entrepreneurs Angela Ferendo and Steve Watts. The two desperately want their brand — Slyde Handboards — to succeed, and not just because they have a lot of money at stake. Evidently, marital harmony is not possible without the Sharks’ assistance: Ferendo claimed that her beau would not be putting a ring on it if their pleas for investor money went unheeded.

Shark Tank Slyde
Image: ABC

To be fair, the entrepreneurs put all of the money they had been saving for a wedding into their business. But it’s a little excessive to claim that it’s impossible to get married without a successful Shark Tank pitch. People get married every day for merely the cost of a wedding license. Ferendo and Watts’ dream wedding may be in jeopardy, but their ability to get married in the first place certainly isn’t. The Sharks can help take the couple’s business to the next level but arguably should not be required to “jumpstart [their] life together.”

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The crazy thing is that we almost had a wedding on Shark Tank tonight! How cool would that have been? Kevin O’Leary is an officiant, and while he didn’t seem particularly interested in investing, he’d have been happy to marry the couple right then and there. Not too many people can say they’ve been married in the Tank, but evidently, this idea didn’t live up to Ferendo and Watts’ idea of holy matrimony.

Mr. Wonderful
Image: ABC

Viewers love the idea of a Shark Tank wedding and were thus very disappointed to see the geniuses behind Slyde Handboards reject O’Leary’s offer. Daymond John, however, was very understanding. Would O’Leary as officiant really make for a wonderful wedding?

It’s great to see an ambitious young couple chasing their dreams, but their motivation may be a bit misguided. Shark Tank should not serve as funding for a dream wedding but rather as a means of getting businesses off the ground.

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