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The Amazing Race‘s Dana Borriello shouldn’t be shamed for her meltdown

The Amazing Race is, obviously, a game designed to push people to their limits.

Tension always runs high, but when you put someone who already has a volatile temperament into a high-pressure situation like Episode 8’s roadblock challenge and add pressure of thinking you’re last in the race… a little meltdown might not be all that unheard of, right?

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And that is exactly what happened in Dubai while teams were trying to complete a difficult roadblock challenge. Dana Borriello had just finished walking through the desert with a camel and then had to jump into a shark tank. By the time she was struggling with the puzzler portion of the roadblock, she was mentally done and physically exhausted.

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Team after team finished, leaving her behind and even more flustered, but it wasn’t until she and her boyfriend and teammate Matt Steffanina were past it and in the car that all that pent-up anxiety of the last few hours finally got the best of her… and she completely wigged out on Matt.

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While trying to navigate to their next destination, both team members were lost, Matt driving and Dana reading the given directions. But poor Matt wasn’t understanding where Dana was telling him to go, which set off her meltdown that could have cost them the game.

Yelling at him to stop the car and ask for directions, she almost made the fatal decision, in the midst of her anxiety-fueled mental overload, to not get back in the car. This is not unheard of during The Amazing Race — but the things fans were saying about Dana after the fact were completely uncalled for.

When they finally reached the mat, Dana said she realized things had gotten a little out of control, and Matt said he knew she had just reached her breaking point and she would be fine once she got some distance from the situation. Even Phil Keoghan could see the pair had a difficult time, and he played therapist for a second when they reached the mat.

No one knows how they are going to respond when they are pushed to the absolute limit, like Dana was this episode. Saying she is a bitch or PMSing is not cool, plain and simple.

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