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Fans are convinced Blac Chyna’s pregnant, but it’s probably just a food baby

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian haven’t even been engaged for two weeks, but it’s not too soon for fans to subject her to a timeless celebrity tradition: the baby-bump watch. (Blac Chyna, that means you’ve made it!)

In Kardashian’s latest Instagram photo of the couple, Blac Chyna has what might maybe be a shadow preventing her from having a flat stomach. Maybe the poor girl is just wearing an unflattering outfit. Damn, does that thing look tight. Whatever the case may be, fans are convinced that the way she’s holding her belly means that she’s pregnant. Because God forbid a woman has curves.

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Here’s the photo:
And here’s what people are saying about it on Instagram:

“Is she pregnant or nahhh ???”

“She so pregnant!!!!!!!!! This is just sad!!!”

“I don’t think they’ve been dating long enough for her to have a baby bump.”

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According to Hollywood Life, speculation increased when the couple stopped by a Queens club and Blac Chyna wasn’t drinking. There’s no solid proof that she’s pregnant, but sources have said that she does want to start a family one day. “Blac’s anxious to get pregnant,” one source claims to Hollywood Life. “She wants nothing more than to give Rob something he’s always wanted: a baby. Their entire worlds are wrapped around one another and they have this crazy love and affection for each other.”

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