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5 reasons the Property Brothers’ Dream Home is a must-read

I’m sure you’ve seen them on HGTV, transforming “fixer uppers” into the dream homes of their various clients. You might have also seen them helping terrified home sellers turn a dud of a home into a quick-selling stud. Now, more than five years after the U.S. premier of their hit TV shows, they’ve turned it all into an easy-to-read book on exactly what and what not to do for all things real estate. Just in case you don’t know, I’m talking about Jonathan and Drew Scott, AKA the Property Brothers.

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As a fan of all things Scott, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I preordered Dream Home the minute that I heard it was available. I waited seven long months, but April 4 finally arrived, and so did my copy of the book.

The wait was absolutely worth it.

1. Funny and inspirational stories

Dream Home is full of funny stories and faux pas that not only entertain in true Jonathan and Drew fashion, but inspire and inform. They’ve given us examples of themselves at their worst, making their most embarrassing — and sometimes funny — mistakes, so that we don’t do the same. On this note, there’s also plenty of the sibling rivalry and banter that we all know and love.

2. Gorgeous photos

The pictures of the remodels are stunning, and there are several pictures of Drew and Jonathan too, and we all know that they’re not so bad to look at. The sweetest picture of their entire family (Mom, Dad, JD, Jonathan, Drew and Linda, Drew’s girlfriend) adorns the final page.

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3. A helpful index

They’ve included an index in the back which makes for a super easy reference. You want to know about wallpaper, turn to page 262!

4. Realtor speak decoded

My favorite part has to be the section in which they decode realtor speak. I can now read the real estate section of the classifieds with actual knowledge. Who knew that classic meant “dated,” and cozy meant “small”?

5. Easy DIY home projects

Some of the DIY information present is sure to help even those — myself included — who don’t own a home with simple tips and tricks to spruce up even the smallest of places. Check out pages 266-267 for some of the easiest advice!

Overall verdict of Dream Home

They’ve taken their over 20 years of experience and put it into one easy-to-understand, all-encompassing encyclopedia of all things real estate and construction. This book is a definite buy for anyone — not just those looking to purchase a new home. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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