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Nikki Bella is determined to get back in the ring before having a baby

There are big things on the horizon for the Bella Twins.

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Ahead of the season finale of Total Divas, the sisters took to the show’s Facebook page to answer questions fans had about the finale, their lives and what’s coming next for them. Spoiler alert: There are big changes coming.

There [have] just been a lot of changes in our lives since then,” Nikki said about the neck surgery that put her on the sidelines for much of the last year. “Change is the key word for Tuesday. So if you want some change, tune in, because you’re gonna get a lot of it.”
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While Nikki is still focusing on healing up, Brie is looking forward to some big changes in her own life. She and her husband, former WWE star Daniel Bryan, are planning to start a family.

“Well, I guess the world should know I am trying,” Brie revealed during the chat. “I’m not pregnant yet, that’s why, you know, I indulged in some alcohol yesterday on the beach that paparazzi had to take a shot of. But yes, I am trying, so keep your fingers crossed, Bella Army, that I get pregnant very soon.”

As for Nikki and her boyfriend John Cena, the priorities are a little different.

“And obviously no baby for me,” Nikki said. “That’s OK.”

Brie added, “Well, we need a ring first,” and Nikki responded, “I want to make a comeback in the ring first.”

Nikki underwent her neck surgery in January, and it’s been a long recovery process. But she revealed that she’s already planning her return to the ring.

“So as of now, I’m hoping to make my comeback in the summer,” she explained. “In June or July is when I’ll get my final CAT scan on my neck and as long as my bone is fused in my neck, that means that I could probably come back and wrestle, and I cannot wait. So fingers crossed for me — June or July.”

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Will you tune in for the season finale of Total Divas on Tuesday?

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