Grey’s Anatomy: Arizona needs to pump the brakes before she goes too far

Whew, you guys! I feel like I just ran a marathon… of emotions. Yep, that about sums it up — tonight’s harrowing two-hour Grey’s Anatomy was a straight-up emotional marathon. Before I go any further, though, here’s your official spoiler alert. You’ve been warned. Now, pressing on.

When an episode basically begins with a resident plunging his hands into a woman’s gushing uterus and pulling out a baby, you know shit’s about to get really real, really fast. Of course, the man in question here is Ben, Bailey’s handsome husband. AKA the man married to the chief.

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And, yes, most of the episode revolved around the snowball effect Ben’s actions caused.

However, I can’t dive into a postmortem about that whole sitch because, to be honest, I’m still suffering from a mild case of shock-slash-secondhand-heartbreak for everyone involved.

Rather, I want to discuss another of the many, many shocking moments this week kept lobbing at viewers: what went down with the Arizona-Callie-Penny triangle.

Last week, we saw Penny make a strategic move to apply for a fellowship that alienated her from her peers but wound up giving her the career-impacting opportunity to travel across the country and do some amazing work.

While Callie tried to play it cool when Penny told her she’d been granted the fellowship, it was clear Callie was bummed Penny was keen on a gig that would take her thousands of miles away. She’d just introduced her girlfriend to her and Arizona’s daughter, Sofia, after all.

But tonight Callie opened up about her frustrations, telling Penny she’d missed the moment — that perfect window of time where she was supposed to romantically ask Callie to come with her. Naturally, Penny assumed that wasn’t even up for consideration.

In a super-awkward moment, Arizona then walks in on Callie and Penny making out in a supply room. Arizona is refreshingly chill about it and even offers Callie some advice about the whole move. While I’m pretty sure Arizona meant her “it doesn’t have to end” pep talk more along the lines of a long-distance relationship, Callie apparently took the idea to the next level and ran with it. The next thing we know, she is getting hot and heavy with Penny, declaring her love and telling Penny to ask her to make the move.

We aren’t privy to her precise response, but we figure it out quickly when she giddily thanks Arizona — and casually tells her she is going to move with Penny to New York. And, oh yeah, she’s taking Sofia, too. But don’t worry; it’s only a six-hour flight. Later, Arizona sees Callie and Sofia greet Penny after her shift and the three walk out of the hospital like a happy little family.

What?! C’mon now, Callie. Surely you see the problem with making this decision unilaterally, right? Having said that, I certainly didn’t see what was coming next from Arizona.

Grey's Anatomy
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We see a lawyer speaking across the table to someone about a custody suit. She is explaining that — no matter who ultimately wins — everyone winds up a losing something with these kinds of cases. They are deeply personal and hurtful.

At first, it’s easy to assume she must be talking to Jackson. After all, we saw her take a meeting with him earlier. He and April were in the midst of an already heated battle about their unborn baby, so that was an easy jump to make.

It was a shocker, then, when the camera panned across to reveal Arizona sitting in the hot seat. She indicates that, yes, she is aware of the potential consequences, but she feels it is necessary. Her ex-wife is planning to move across the country with their daughter.

Here’s where I’m thinking Arizona seriously needs to pump the brakes before she gets to a place where no amount of backpedaling will make things right.

We know that Arizona can be a bit presumptuous. Remember only a few weeks back when she spilled the beans about April’s baby to Jackson? This seems like one of those times when perhaps she should kick back for a minute and get some perspective.

She and Callie are finally in a good place. They are successfully coparenting Sofia and they still genuinely care for each other as friends. If she blindsides Callie with a custody suit, there will be no coming back from that. Things will get ugly. Any semblance of a connection they had will be severed.

I’m not saying Arizona isn’t within her rights to pursue such action. If she tells Callie she isn’t comfortable with Callie moving Sofia across the country and Callie still tries to move forward with the plans, then by all means Arizona should fight it.

But going on the offensive without so much as trying to have a civil discussion with Callie about it first just kind of sucks. Why would she entertain this idea?

Grey's Anatomy
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I’m wondering if Arizona might be reacting more out of hurt than anything else — it had to sting when she watched Callie, Penny and Sofia walk out like three peas in a pod. She was the odd woman out and it’s understandable that being in that position wasn’t exactly pleasing.

Still, despite her own personal (and unresolved) feelings for Callie and her choices, Arizona should be considering what’s best for Sofia. And while we can’t be sure whether or not a cross-country move is, we can be certain seeing her moms pitted against each other in a hostile custody battle isn’t.

What do you think? Would you have reacted like Arizona did?