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American Grit has one of reality TV’s most satisfying eliminations

American Grit is the ultimate test of strength and character, as we learned during tonight’s gripping premiere. The show has all the elements necessary for good reality television, including tough challenges, behind-the-scenes drama and an attractive host (John Cena). It also has — or, rather, had — the ultimate villain: Chris Krueger, an extremely confident Hollywood trainer.

Chris Krueger
Image: NBC

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The show wasted no time in establishing Krueger as the guy everybody loves to hate. Right away, Krueger lashed out, claiming in an early interview that “normal people are weak and stupid.” It only went downhill from there, with the competitor questioning his coach’s leadership ability and getting in a completely pointless argument with Maria Kang about whether he was posing while walking around shirtless.

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Despite (or, perhaps, because of) his needless coach-bashing and his terrible attitude, Krueger was selected for the Circus, a final challenge faced by the three teams that did not win the show’s earlier competition. He figured that the Circus would be a cinch, in part because he is in such good physical condition. And while he didn’t audibly express this opinion, it wouldn’t be surprising if he thought less of his fellow Circus contestants because they were an older guy and a single mom.

Chris and John Cena
Image: NBC

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Not surprisingly, Krueger’s behavior during the final Circus challenge (which involved holding up a sandbag suspended by a rope) was completely obnoxious. He figured he was a shoo-in for the win, so he showed off and trash-talked the others. Bad idea — by wasting his precious energy in the early portion of this challenge, he only made it more difficult as time went on. Eventually, the rope slipped away from his hand, proving that while he was stronger physically, mental game was his Achilles heel.

Yes, the moment felt a bit scripted, but it was satisfying nonetheless. Twitter unanimously agreed that it was great to see this cocky reality TV villain get his comeuppance.

The only downside of Krueger’s early elimination is that the show’s most amusing villain is already gone. Yes, Maria Kang has the potential to be a huge drama queen, but Krueger is the epitome of the guy you love to hate. It would have been fun to continue hating on him for a few more episodes.

What did you think of Chris Krueger’s early elimination on American Grit? Comment and share your opinion below.

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