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Kim Richards clearly just wants attention on The Mother/Daughter Experiment 

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We’re six episodes into The Mother/Daughter Experiment and Kim Richards has been in almost as many fights. If that’s an exaggeration, it’s not too much of one — the former RHOBH cast member has taken on housemates Heidi Montag and Natalie Nunn, and on Friday’s episode, Nunn and Richards fought yet again. It’s the second time Nunn has accused Richards’ daughter, Kimberly Jackson, and the other young women in the house, of spreading “rumors” about her which they found online. (In the girls’ defense, it’s probably pretty boring in that house when people aren’t crying or screaming at each other — what else are they going to do?) 

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There is just so much fighting on this show. I don’t think it’s more than on other reality shows, but it’s certainly more concentrated, and it seems to regularly emanate from Richards and Nunn. Here’s my theory about this: the main dramatic engine of this season is Courtney Stodden and her mom, Krista Keller. It’s not even debatable, and it makes sense. Of course the relationship between a 21-year-old who married a 51-year-old man when she was 16, and her mother, who recently admitted to having some kind of affair with said 51-year-old, is going to take center stage. It’s rather unfortunate for the rest of The Mother/Daughter Experiment cast, who were always going to be secondary to that storyline, especially the lesser-known folks.

If you’re Kim Richards, though, and you’ve spent basically your entire life on the screen, there’s no way you’re going to leave one reality show for another only to not be the main focus.

Natalie Nunn is also a reality TV veteran in her own right (I may or may not have recognized her immediately from her Bridezillas episode — don’t judge me), and she’s obviously also not into being a minor player. So what I’m saying is, neither of these two is going to let Courtney Stodden’s troubled relationship with her mother stop them from getting their own attention. And if that means Richards and Nunn have to fight with each other to stay relevant, then — well, bring it on.

It’s only totally possible that I’m wrong, and the drama between Richards and Nunn has nothing to do with attention seeking and everything to do with Richards being super mad that Nunn keeps trying to start trouble with her daughter. But how likely is that, actually? I think we all know the answer.

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What do you think is behind the constant fighting on The Mother/Daughter Experiment? Is it about attention? Tell us in the comments!

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