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The Duggar sisters had the most awkward conversation about who’s next to marry

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On Tuesday’s new episode of Counting On: The Duggar Treehouse of Infinite Construction was finally completed. I’m not sure when it even started; it seems like it’s been going on for so long, and then the oldest sisters, along with recently birthed Spurgeon and Meredith, took off on a girls’ weekend to a swanky cabin in the woods. A cow was chased, pedicures were given, fancy food was eaten, fears were tested, and super-awkward conversations about marriage and courting were had, and this time, the producers only initiated 90 percent of them.

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While the ladies gave each other advice about what color to paint their toenails, Anna let it be known that Josh would be leaving rehab soon, which was met with a tense silence. She admitted that while she’s excited to see him, it will be a long time before things are right between them again. Which, of course, provided a logical transition to a discussion of what kind of men the single Duggar ladies might be looking for.

Jinger, perpetually cagey regarding the question of if she’s dating anyone, asked her sisters what kind of man they thought she should look for. Anna replied, ‘”Tall, dark and handsome.” Actually, Anna? Should you really be weighing in on this one, given how totally messed up things are with Josh?

It was an unbearable five seconds before Jessa volunteered something about finding a dude who’s thoughtful and considerate of others. (Later in the episode, Jessa told Anna that Ben mentioned at one point that he wanted 15 sons. That doesn’t seem so considerate of Jessa’s reproductive organs, but maybe that’s just me.) 

In one of the more self-aware moments this season, the producers asked Jana and Joy-Anna if they were tired of people asking them when they were going to get married. Jana, in typical Jana fashion, downplayed her feelings, but the expressions on her face throughout the episode indicated otherwise, especially when Jessa and Anna joked about setting up the single ladies on blind dates.

Jessa and Anna are doing a truly fabulous job of playing to the ratings, which we know soar every time a Duggar gets married/engaged. Anna, who probably just wants to move the magnifying glass off her, was really into reminding the ladies that, given that they were all over age 18 now, an engagement could be in the very near future for any one of them. It doesn’t seem likely that that’s going to happen this season, though, since the finale is nearly upon us, but it definitely won’t stop the producers, or the Duggars, from obsessing about it.

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What did you think of Anna’s behavior in this episode? Who do you think will be next Duggar to get married? Tell us in the comments!

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