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Teen Mom‘s date night was a slap in the face to Leah Messer

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OK, can we agree on something? Leah Messer has been through enough. She’s struggling with addiction, depression and anxiety. She has one kid with a degenerative illness, another who’s a serious drama queen and Addy, an eater of sugar packets. She’s been divorced twice. She lost primary custody of her kids. She’s only 24 years old. And yes, I understand that she bears responsibility for some of those things, including the part where she’s letting MTV record and edit her life, but also? Yikes. And on Monday, her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, did not help Leah’s situation.

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Something was definitely afoot in the latest episode — Leah talked a lot about how Jeremy was more awesome than Corey, the two flirted when she picked up Addy, and Jeremy asked her out to dinner. We know, based on Leah’s dating history, that it’s not unheard of for her to get back with exes, so the idea of her and Jeremy having some sort of reconciliation wasn’t nuts. I might have believed it if I didn’t spend way too much time online reading about the Teen Mom stars and all their business.

So there was the flirting, the gushing to her sister about Jeremy and his post-divorce flirting, and then Jeremy took it one step further and asked Leah out so they could “talk.” I don’t know about you, but that does not seem like a mixed signal to me. I don’t blame Leah for thinking Jeremy had something more serious in mind, but over the course of the meal, he made it clear that he really just wanted to talk about coparenting. At that point, Leah was kind of tipsy and talking a lot about herself and feelings, and the whole thing was just so embarrassing and it’s hard to imagine not feeling terrible for Leah. She is all of us who ever got really excited about getting together (or back together, in this case) with someone and then crushed by them, except, you know, for her it’s happening on TV.

There are approximately a thousand other ways Jeremy could have gone about this and he picked the worst one. I’m pretty sure he was prompted by the producers, but still, really? You just do not do that to someone, even if you’re angry at them and even if you have the chance to be on TV. A person can only be punished so much for things that weren’t even in their control, and by that, I mean Leah’s health issues and her ability and willingness to face them. Way to model empathy, Jeremy.

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What did you think about Jeremy’s behavior toward Leah? Did she deserve to be treated that way? Tell us in the comments!

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