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If you’re an adult, Selena Gomez wants you to stop obsessing over child stars

Selena Gomez has made it very clear over the years that she doesn’t want us to think of her as a child star. In a new interview with GQ, she shares her take on the unique difficulties of child stardom — and just how intense it can be to grow up in the spotlight.

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With “anger in her voice,” describes reporter Zach Baron, Gomez describes herself and her child star friends (think Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas) as “easy targets.” She continues, “Every single kid who was brought up like this is an easy target. It’s disgusting, because it’s interesting to grown adults that these kids go through weird things because they’re figuring out, ‘Do I like this? Do I love this? Maybe I love this person. Oh, I’m exposed to this, people are reporting my every move and this and that because of Instagram and Twitter and you can find out everything.’”

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Gomez may resent what modern fame looks like, but that doesn’t mean she would give it up. She tells Baron that she wouldn’t choose to fast-forward past this part of her life. “No, because I’m not that stupid. And I get it. I just have to be patient. It’s slowly dissolving the older I get. And I just have to be patient and make great things with quality, from producing to singing to acting. And one by one, I will be able to change the dialogue and people won’t care about everything that’s happened to me.” 

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