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One thing will make Justin Bieber sit still for 30 minutes: cartoon boobs

Move over, Picasso, Van Gogh, da Vinci. There’s a new artist in the house.

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Justin Bieber has recently gotten on board with the trend that’s taking over the world: adult coloring. Seriously, if there’s one word to describe his work of art, it’s definitely adult.

The Biebs posted a photo of his first-ever coloring attempt on Instagram, and his choice of coloring book is far from surprising. His carefully colored-in image shows a woman with her tassled underboob hanging out of her shirt and her panties halfway off, erotically licking a tomahawk. Who comes up with this stuff?

“I colored this,” Bieber proudly wrote in the caption of his Instagram snap. “its dope Cuz I actually sat down for 30 min and finished I never can sit still for that long so it’s an accomplishment, yes this took me 30 minutes haha I know I suck Don’t judge me.”

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And the Biebs’ followers are far from judging. Based on the comments they’re leaving, his typically rabid, mostly female fandom is seriously impressed with Bieber’s foray into colored pencil art.

“I’m so happy for him,” one commenter wrote. “He finally got to do something that makes him happy and his happiness is all that matters… U smile, I smile Justin xoxo.”

Another added, “Aww I like it Justin I didn’t know you have a [sic] artistic coloring side.”

His fans may not be judging, but we may be, just a little bit.

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Have you tried out the adult coloring craze? Do you think it’s as therapeutic and beneficial as people say? Let us know down in the comments.

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