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Khloé’s best friend Malika speaks out about Rob Kardashian’s engagement

The list of people speaking out about Rob Kardashian’s engagement is getting longer and longer. Khloé Kardashian’s BFF Malika Haqq talked to E! News earlier this week about Rob’s engagement and commented on how happy he is.

“I actually haven’t spoken to Rob. I saw him a couple of months ago. I get all the reports from his sister and his mommy,” Haqq shared. “I know he’s happy. He’s a lover. We’re Pisces, that’s just what we do. Being happy changes everybody.”

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Seeing Rob happy certainly hasn’t changed his sisters’ or his mom’s minds. None of them have released any kind of statement congratulating their brother on his newfound love. And it’s starting to get awkward.

This is what they do, though. When Caitlyn announced her transition, the Kardashians were the last family members to comment or give their support. It’s almost as if they have to formulate exactly what they’re going to say before any of them say anything.

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I understand that they have a brand to protect. And it is entirely possible that they have given their support in private. But this is their brother they’re ignoring. And it’s not like this is the type of family who cherishes their privacy.

Families are complicated and who knows what’s really going on? But if the Kardashians want my advice, I’d say just announce you’re happy for Rob. It doesn’t have to be sincere, it doesn’t even have to be true. But not saying anything just makes them look like they’re pouting or trying to teach a grown man a lesson by withholding their congratulations.

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Now that Malika has come out to publicly congratulate Rob, maybe Khloé will be next. If any one of them is going to break the silence first, it will be her (even if it should be his mom, Kris).

What do you think? Do the Kardashians need to say anything about Rob’s love life?

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